Jumat, 21 Oktober 2011

Pengaruh Sistem Pengendalian Manajemen Terhadap Kinerja Manajerial Pada Bank Perkreditan

This research is 1) To analyse factors of operation of management of that is certainty, information of job relevant, pemrograman, budgeting, mount difficulty of budget, to manager performance of either through simultan and by together 2) To analyse variable of operation of management having an effect on to performance of manajerial Bank Credit People.
Approach of in this research use research explanatory of with survey method with technique of intake of sample totally sampling. Technique of intake of data of that is with enquette, interview, survey and dokumenter. While data of the taken is primary data and data of sekunder.
Result of research show that 1) influence by simultan show free variable ( information of Job relevant, programmer, Mount difficulty of budget, Budgeting, and Clarity of budget), real bepengaruh to change variation of that happened at performance of manajerial Bank Credit People Insumo), 2) influence of free variable by together to performance of manajerial, indicating that free variable ( information of Job relevant, Programmer, Mount difficulty of budget, Budgeting and Clarity of budget) having an effect on reality of to variation of of change of performance of manajerial at BPR Insumo.

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